Tim Vandergrift: Master Vintner and Midwest Supplies

I can’t remember why I was so mad at that wine glass . . .

The big news is finally here! Midwest Supplies and Tim Vandergrift are working together! I’m really happy with the fit between us and excited to introduce new products and to work on advancing home winemaking. I became an independent consultant early in 2014. My biggest concern about my new career was where I could apply myself to make a difference in the consumer-produced beverage industry (aka Homebrewing and Winemaking).


While I connected with many small clients and really love the interaction I have with them, I looked around and realised that one of the most dynamic and exciting places in the industry was right in front of me, Midwest Supplies. I’ve worked with them for more than a decade on behalf of Winexpert and always loved how they ‘got’ the industry, understood home beer and winemakers, and generally felt they were my kind of folks. Of course, this didn’t keep me from thinking that they could probably use a guiding hand on the wine side, but I always had other priorities. Now that I’m their Technical Winemaking Advisor I feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to work with them to introduce some new ideas to home winemaking and do educational and promotional activities as well. I’ve even got a couple of videos up to start, one on the benefits of using a floor corker,

And one on the savage joy of using a three-pronged stirring whip! The Great! Big! Deal! that I’m really happy about is some of the new products we’ll be bringing out in the future. No hints just yet, but I’m pretty stoked about sharing them, and won’t hide that light under a bushel. If you’re already a Midwest customer, thanks! If you’re not yet, check ‘em out, and check out My Ten Favorite Wine Kits—nine of which are on sale for a limited time! Use the secret coupon code (hint: it’s WINEGURU) at checkout and you’ll save 15%. How’s that for a hello? Lots more to come, and so much to do, and I couldn’t be happier or more proud.

4 Replies to “Tim Vandergrift: Master Vintner and Midwest Supplies”

  1. How do you know when the wine is completely (or sufficiently) degassed? I have used the wine whip as described, but after several reverse-bursts and many minutes of stirring, I still have bubbles in the wine.

    1. Brian,

      Check to see if it’s foam or froth: fill a hydrometer test jar halfway with wine, cover it with your hand and shake it violently. If it releases pressure when you take your hand away, then it’s still got gas. If it doesn’t, then it’s just agitated wine frothing.

      If it does continue to show evidence of gas pressure, then either the wine has not finished fermenting, or you’re not stirring hard enough: buy a more powerful drill and use it at it’s full, horrifying power.


      1. Ah, Bach…

        I tried the “hand test” and it seems I was dealing with “froth.” And now for the waiting (which, according to the sage Thomas of Petty, is the hardest part).

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