Off on the road again, another whirlwind adventure. I’m doing some retailer seminars (on winemaking and retailing consumer wine products, naturally) around the Eastern USA, and then a quick turnaround and I’ll be off to make some promo videos and do the first of my Limited Edition presentations for the year. It’s a lot of time on the road and my poor suffering cat is already at full-mope.

This is actually his happy look.
This is actually his happy look.

Ah, poor fella. I’ll bring him home a cheesesteak, I guess.

In the cool-news part of my life, I got my logo back from the designer I hired. I don’t really¬†need a logo, and haven’t decided what I’ll be doing with it, but gosh knows I’ve got one now:

Power to the People! And wine.

Off to the airport. Whee!