Non-Enzymatically Mashed Beer: Update

The first beer worked out well, but with the very low levels of dextrins even the small amount of hops I put in have it out of balance. It’s not bad (in fact it tastes exactly like most of the IPA’s I used to brew!) but I corrected that in the next batch, and also managed to execute my double-brew strategy, incorporating the used grains from the NE batch to make an imperial version of the same recipe.

Check out my results (so far) below.

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    1. That’s kind of my goal here: I really like beer, but if I have one with lunch, I’m sleepy for hours. The second batch is going to come in just around 2% ABV, and that means I can enjoy one and still be a productive citizen.

      I’m going to rack it in the next few days so I’ll have an update next week, straight from the keg.

  1. What’s the verdict on the NEM beers you made?

    I made a 1.4% abv saison and have a brown ale in primary. The saison was a great light and refreshing drink. The brown tastes way to grainy (upon sampling after checking gravity) but I’m holding out hope for it once it’s carbed and cold. Cheers!

  2. Hi Tim. Just wondering how your second, hop-bursted non-enzymatically mashed beer turned out? Have you made any more than these two brews using this method? If so, have you made any further refinements (in terms of bittering or recipe formulation)? Thanks.

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