Non-Enzymatically Mashed Beer: Update

The first beer worked out well, but with the very low levels of dextrins even the small amount of hops I put in have it out of balance. It’s not bad (in fact it tastes exactly like most of the IPA’s I used to brew!) but I corrected that in the next batch, and also managed to execute my double-brew strategy, incorporating the used grains from the NE batch to make an imperial version of the same recipe.

Check out my results (so far) below.

2 Replies to “Non-Enzymatically Mashed Beer: Update”

    1. That’s kind of my goal here: I really like beer, but if I have one with lunch, I’m sleepy for hours. The second batch is going to come in just around 2% ABV, and that means I can enjoy one and still be a productive citizen.

      I’m going to rack it in the next few days so I’ll have an update next week, straight from the keg.

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