What I Can Do

Increase your sales, streamline your production, reduce your costs, educate your staff and customers and champion your products, and make you money.

Why I Can Do It

I am the leading technical expert in the field of consumer beverages, specialising in applying critical analysis to developing, marketing and selling home wine and beer products. I have been the Technical Services Manager for the two largest manufacturers in the industry and consulted to thousands of retail partners around the world, as well as managing two retail operations. I am a columnist for Winemaker Magazine, Publican Magazine, a contributor to The Oxford Companion to Wine and other journals. My strengths include comprehensive knowledge of commercial beer and wine as well as consumer beverages, development and implementation of training and promotional programs and brand championship.

Who I Can Do It For

Tim Vandergrift Communication and Consulting provides complete beverage solutions, including support and insight to clients in On-Premise, Urban Winery, custom winery and Home Brew Shops, as well as primary producers and manufacturers, with an unmatched combination of technical expertise and practical experience as well as a thorough knowledge of the products, the industry and the consumer. In the last two decades I have helped start over 275 businesses within the industry in North America, the UK, and Asia.

The Stuff I Do

I offer advice on location, demographic reach, premise design, product mix, production excellence, product knowledge, wine and beer education, and hands-on training with all products and equipment.

I help develop marketing strategies, identifying  current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, turning that data into recommendations on promotional material, advertising, corporate image, public relations activity, internet strategy and levels of customer service.

In addition, I offer troubleshooting to fine-tune your business, training to help your staff achieve the highest levels of success, and business mentoring, working together with you to ensure you’ve got the right mix for growth and profitability.

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How To Get That Stuff Done for You

I can help you make your consumer wine/beer business successful. Let’s talk.

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