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I also write marketing, sales and product-knowledge articles for Publican Magazine. Have a look at my article on increasing your sales per square foot in their Summer 2013 issue (page 10).

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I’m sure I’m leaving tracks in all kinds of other places on the internets. Let’s hope I can remember them all some day.

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  1. Just completed the initial step in making your small batch Pinot Noir. I can’t find anywhere in the instructions where or when the package of Bentonite is used. Hope I didn’t miss something.

    1. Jeff,

      Sorry for the confusion. It’s not necessary for that kit, so you can regard it as a bonus-freebie from us. You can dispose of it in your compost, where it will help build a base for microbiological/micro-rhyzial growth and help with water retention in the soil.

      Or just throw it in your winemaking drawer for the next time you need a dab of bentonite.



  2. I love your blog! And I was just reminded I need to share it with my group Punk Rock Kitchen! I’m digging through the archives. With your permission I’d love to share some of the articles with the group. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Christian! I’m a huge punk fan, and although I’m a bit old for slam dancing I love the cooking. Please feel free to share anything you want with the folks–you can only eat or drink a finite amount, but there’s no limit to how much you can talk about it and share with others.


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